I´ve been painting since I was a child, but I seriously have started a few years ago :o). As child I had several pets like a tortoise, a dog, rabbits, cats,fish, lizards...and these were my models. My pictures were simple but full of love for animals.

I like lots of mediums, but my favorite one is the pastel. It seems to me so
beautiful! I am keen on using these brightening vibrant colors, which can be used for
lots of different painting styles. I love the softness and lightness. I also can
leave the work without any worries about the brushes or the colors on the
I am a self-taught artist, but I've been to several courses and I used to go to
school for talented children many years.
My father can paint very beautifully, he advised me and supported my talent when
I was small, but my parents didn´t have enough money to make it possible for me
to study art. I´ve read all the books by Gerrald Durrell - I love his humor, his
talent and definitely his effort to protect animals! I even used to dream of
having my own ZOO like him!
Among other artists who influenced me are Michael Lawes, Sally Strand, Robert
Bateman and from my country Jan Dungel, I highly admire him, he is a Czech scientist of nature, an artist, an illustrator a traveler and very modest person :o), ,..also Libor Vojkůvka who is a Czech artist.
And what inspires me?
Everything.. beautiful colors, the sunrise, a particular mood, moments I find
interesting, music, my friends, art, people I have met, animals, my children, my
husband, traveling, the spring...loads of things :o)).

How do you make time for art?
I promised myself to paint almost every day, but it is impossible when you have
a family, children, two dogs, a house, a garden and small pets at
home:o)));however, my family support me and I put in all the free time I have.

My favorite subject are animals, I like to let them live with people in their
homes through my pictures, to make them closer and to remind people they are
here too! I like to help to protect animals. They are incredible and we need
them :o)).



2003  Zürich, Rote Fabrik, together with other artists

2005  Brno, IBC

2010  Brno, Galerie DÍLO, my first authorś exhibition

2010  Brno, Medlánky, Coffee club Cafeteria

2011  Velká Bíteš, Restaurace u Raušů 

2011  Brno, NOEM ARCH personatilies,  exhibition

2012  Prague, Malostranská beseda

2013  Brno, Galerie Dílo


Pictures are available, please contact me in case you are interested in.